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Sorority Reunion

Kristen asked me to find her something to wear to her sorority reunion in Ohio. Her requirements are as follows:
1) Under $180
2) Dress that can be worn with tights or bare-legged
3) Age appropriate (Kristen is in her early 30s) and
4) Hot.

Kristen, I’m not sure whether you will be wearing this just for the sorority event or to go out and have a good time–so, I tried to give you a few options. All the dresses can be worn with tights. Also, you may want to wear boots with your dress (I couldn’t find any boots that I liked online in such a short time period–alas, i am VERY picky about boots, but I will assume you have some). A scarf can be worn with these dresses to keep you warm. Or, I included a little jacket that I thought was cute. **My favorite dress is the black and white one! I hope this helps and gives you some ideas…

Dress: shopbop $91.20
Jacket: tulle4us.com $68
Black and White dress: Macy’s $69
Tights: Gap $14.50
Sequin dress: Cusp.com $154
Pumps: piperlime $139.99
Wedges: forever21 $26.80
Blue Dress: Gap $59.95


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Dear Eliza

I received the following email from Eliza (i just love that name) and sadly, I have taken eons to get back to her so I would just like to apologize to Eliza for taking so so long. I have been looking for awhile, but just haven’t been too thrilled with the stuff I was finding. Hopefully, you’ll like some of these items and they will give you ideas. If not email me and I will keep looking.

Eliza wrote:
First off, I really enjoy your blog and the principles behind it. You’ve introduced me to a lot of new online shops and Etsy vendors in the past couple weeks.

In the way of most summers of my 20s, it seems, I have several weddings to attend this summer. However, as luck would have it, between family and different groups of friends, there is positively minimal guest list overlap — only my very best friend who won’t be judging me — so I would like to get away with one new dressy dress for the season. However, the invitation for one wedding states Black Tie Optional whereas I know one other will be more casual and outdoors. Oh, and an extra wrench, my boyfriend refuses to rent a tux for this event, so he’ll be in a very nice suit, no fancier.

I’ve been planning to buy one of these Chameleon Dresses in Plum or possibly black. Can I make this work for both weddings? How could I dress it up for the fancier one?

Oh, and I have bronze shoes to go with the plum shade, but I’m not adverse to buying new shoes. (I mean, who is?!)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I can’t wait to see what great accessories you dig up!


P.S. Although I took 10,000 years to help Eliza, I do need some new ideas. So, if anyone has ideas, please let me know!! Thanks!


First look: more formal
Purse: loveamarie’s shop at etsy $60
Necklace: jgoriginals at etsy $35
Earrings: AEBDesign at etsy $40
Shoes: endless.com $32.74

Second look: more casual
Purse: squintbag’s shop at etsy $30
Earrings: brooklyndesigns at etsy $49
Necklace: forever21.com $6.80
Shoes: anntaylorloft.com $39.99

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1. Barriepace.com $78
2. Nordstrom.com $68
3. Barriepace.com $79
4. Barriepace.com $59

Pearls: avenue.com $12.90
Sweater: oldnavy.com $20
Shoes: ninewest.com $79
Clutch: ninewest.com $19.99

—–Original Message—–
Subject: Wardrobe HELP!
From: J
To: prettyis@cox.net

Hoping you can work your magic on this one… I need something to wear to a Daughters of the American Revolution meeting. I’ve been told the dress code is “Not ‘churchy’, not ‘cocktail’, but something in between.” What. The. Hell. Meetings are on Saturday afternoons – usually at a fancy-ish hotel or private country club-like establishment. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated! I love your site, especially because you feature items that real people can afford. I also love the recipes! I’m having a book swap party this weekend and making several of the dishes you’ve featured!

From: prettyis@cox.net
To: “C”
Mister C, i do believe I am going to need your help on this one!!!

—- “C” wrote:
Easy. This event will consist mostly of older ladies who abide by the book when it comes to fashion. No white or linen before memorial day. Stockings a must but of course no open toe shoes or sandals. Nothing strappy. I suggest a very pretty floral silk knee length skirt with a matching shell and cardigan. It’s spring so stick with pastels. These broads will not be thrilled with black, gray, or anything modern. A strand of pearls and pearl posts a must.
Fragrance-wise, consider Quelque Fleurs or for a budget fragrance Kielhs Cucumber essence. No big bag but a small clutch.
Pinkish makeup and substantial powder. Hair pulled back with a very pretty comb or clip. Preferably one with pearl details.

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I received the following inquiry from MEP several weeks ago. I figured it was time to get on it, since Easter is fast approaching!

Here’s another one: an Easter outfit that would take a mom from church services, to the egg hunt in potentially cold or muddy conditions, to a fancy brunch with the kids in tow. These are the kinds of events that always stump me.

The above outfit features the ubiquitous Easter bonnet (I also included a decorative headband in case that’s more your style). The style of the dress should prevent it from flying up during an egg hunt. The raincoat trench is to keep you dry during the egg hunt. And, the rain boots are perfect for the hunt and any muddy conditions that may arise. The apron is in case you are making Easter dinner.

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I received the following request from I.E. a couple of weeks ago and have tried to come up with some helpful suggestions. She sent me a photo of the dress and I have posted a similar dress above (it’s not the exact dress, but close).

do you have any suggestions for where I can look for jewelry to go with bridesmaids’ dresses? I have tried looking at Etsy…but there is just so much to look through, I don’t really know where to start.
The dresses are red, long, A-line, strapless with a sweetheart neckline. I think that a great pair of earrings and a cuff or wide band stretch bracelet would be all that would be needed but the bride thinks it needs a necklace. Our shoes are strappy black heels. So, probably black or silver or silver & red would be appropriate.
I love the jewelry you have put with your outfits on here, so I thought you might have some fabulous ideas.

Also, I (and, another one of my friends) have worn a similar dress on different occasions. I really think the best necklace to go with such a dress is a pearl necklace. It’s nice and classic, so it will look good in pictures.

From top: dillards.com $19.60; sammoon.com $8.95; deepseatreasure.com 39.99; sammoon.com $4.95

P.S. I know that I.E. needs three of these and she didn’t feel that she could get multiples from etsy.com. However, I know there is a spot on etsy that you can request bids from sellers – I am not sure how it works, but it’s a great idea if you want something original.

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I received the following comment a few days ago:

I found you through Molly’s blog. I love your choices! My workplace is casual so lately I am mostly concerned with putting together outfits for going out. For instance next Friday night is a birthday party for one of my girlfriends involving cocktails and a live show. I usually like to save my most impressive “going-out” clothes for Saturday night, plus on Fridays I usually don’t have a chance to change clothes after work, plus with spring comes odd weather and the LAST thing I want to wear is a sweater and boots. Any suggestions?

I have to admit that this was really really difficult for me. I think the day to evening look is really hard to pull off! And, I was trying so hard not to start with a black cocktail dress or black skirt with a jacket and then just tell you to take the jacket off. I tried many different things, but in the end, I just had to use black as a base. Basically, for the day-time look, I paired the black satin pants with some comfortable wedges for work. The dress can be pulled up with a belt and then layered with a cropped cardigan. I think that would be a cute work look. For the evening, it would be easy to change out of the pants and take off the belt and cardigan and switch the wedges for sexier heels. (Then, shove all that work stuff into your tote). Add a bracelet and maybe a sparkly barrett and a cute clutch/coin purse. If it’s cold, you can also add black tights. You can wear the black satin trench with both looks. I have a black satin trench and find that it’s perfect with jeans or dresses. And, it’s especially great this time of year when the weather is changing and you never know how cold it will get. *Just a tip for evening: mac waterproof eyeliner in permaplum would be perfect. I hope this gives you some ideas!

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Yesterday, I received the following comment from The Paper Doll:
I love your site! The outfits you put together are awesome. I’m going to see Ira Glass, from This American Life, on Saturday…Got any ideas for a hip NPR date night outfit? I’m sort of freaking out about what to wear. I have such a huge crush on Mr. Glass!

So, even though I have five briefs due by Friday, I set about in search of a fun outfit to wear. I absolutely love this dress (and, I know it’s a little pricey, but it’s MISTER GLASS!). I originally paired the dress with some sexier shoes, but I think these ones look better. I also love the idea of wearing the hair band. And, the wristlet and coral jewelry bring some nice color. Also, this Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe would be perfect with coffee or tea at the end of the evening.
Cheers to a great evening!!
PS I totally forgot to include this, but if you like a lot of lashes, use this fiberwig mascara! It has little bits in it that make your lashes thicker. It’s at sephora for $22. I love it!


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