Splurge Friday

Splurge Friday

Splurge Friday

Here are some pretty shoes to look at before we head into a somber weekend. As for how I feel about it, this post says it best…

Sorority Reunion

Kristen asked me to find her something to wear to her sorority reunion in Ohio. Her requirements are as follows:
1) Under $180
2) Dress that can be worn with tights or bare-legged
3) Age appropriate (Kristen is in her early 30s) and
4) Hot.

Kristen, I’m not sure whether you will be wearing this just for the sorority event or to go out and have a good time–so, I tried to give you a few options. All the dresses can be worn with tights. Also, you may want to wear boots with your dress (I couldn’t find any boots that I liked online in such a short time period–alas, i am VERY picky about boots, but I will assume you have some). A scarf can be worn with these dresses to keep you warm. Or, I included a little jacket that I thought was cute. **My favorite dress is the black and white one! I hope this helps and gives you some ideas…

Dress: shopbop $91.20
Jacket: tulle4us.com $68
Black and White dress: Macy’s $69
Tights: Gap $14.50
Sequin dress: Cusp.com $154
Pumps: piperlime $139.99
Wedges: forever21 $26.80
Blue Dress: Gap $59.95


So, i’m going to stop posting a message every couple of months saying “i’m back,” since i obviously just only visit every once in awhile. hmpf. Maybe if you send me some questions on what to wear, i’ll get some inspiration…hint hint.
Anyway, i will advise that i have joined twitter. mainly, to follow charlie sheen…cause i am a sheep like that. but, also to write useless crap. so, check me out on twitter if you want–i haven’t written anything witty (yet) but, am trying (hard) to think of something witty to write. i do, however, love to follow several of my favorite bloggers on there because i wish they would write more blog posts and this way i can pretend we’re sort of friends and that they are emailing me. that’s sounds weird. but, i totally don’t mean it that way. wow, i totally shouldn’t publishh this, but I will.
also, not sure how to post my twitter–so it’s lealbers1304. be advised. i might think of something witty to write. might. no promises. Meanwhile, don’t you just love this little purse?


The snow has blanketed my street for the past two weeks and I’m so cold…so, for me, this would be a fantastic splurge!


As someone who lives very very far from the nearest H&M, I have been bemoaning their lack of internet sales for forever! And, FINALLY, there is good news!


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