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I am on a spending diet and, sadly, I could not participate in the online kate spade sample sale. Nor can I indulge in buying multiple bathing suits. Nor can I buy all organic food. (I know, big wah, and as M would say: is a very first world problem). Anyway, I was goofing around wandering if I could find an outfit on Ebay. Well, duh. Of course I can. I even found stuff on Craig’s list. So, here are some fun items from ebay–these are buy it now–so, I could post a proper price for the items. **Disclaimer: I have actually bought clothes on Ebay (including: jeans, stuart weitzman jelly shoes for C’s pool party two years ago, and (gasp) a bathing suit). So far, everything has fit–well, except that one dress that I will refer to as my “goal dress.”
Sweater: JCrew on Ebay Buy It Now: $59.99
Locket: Banana Republic Locket on Ebay Buy It Now: $9.99
Dress: Anthropologie on Ebay Buy It Now: $29.99
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman on Ebay New In Box Buy It Now: $40


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