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www blazer

I was looking through the new JCrew catalog the other day and they make the best blazers for the money. This one is $198, and i don’t think you can beat that. This one can be dressed up for work or you can pair it with jeans and several strands of pearls. This year, i may replace my love of cardigans for my love of blazers.

Jacket: jcrew.com $198
Skirt: Nordstrom.com $58.90
Tshirt: jcrew.com $45
Earrings: net-a-porter.com $90
Scarf: modcloth.com $16
Booties: zappos.com $81
Sweater: jcrew.com $49.99


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Summer Showers


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what to wear friday office

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summer work wednesday

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pink whimsy

This is an easy summer work outfit. The necklace is made by Pink Whimsy (which just happens to be S’s mom and sister’s etsy shop). Isn’t it pretty? They put new items up each week—so be sure and check them out! I just made this Strawberry Fool dessert and it was wonderful and super easy—nice and refreshing for a hot day. Also, (since I am on a spending diet), I try and bring my Bento box to work—I generally fill it with carrots, wraps, nuts, a couple of strawberries, some cheese, just little nibbles, but it makes lunch taste better when it’s all little and compartmentalized. I don’t do anything fancy, but it’s certainly fun to be artistic with your food.

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I received the following comment a few days ago:

I found you through Molly’s blog. I love your choices! My workplace is casual so lately I am mostly concerned with putting together outfits for going out. For instance next Friday night is a birthday party for one of my girlfriends involving cocktails and a live show. I usually like to save my most impressive “going-out” clothes for Saturday night, plus on Fridays I usually don’t have a chance to change clothes after work, plus with spring comes odd weather and the LAST thing I want to wear is a sweater and boots. Any suggestions?

I have to admit that this was really really difficult for me. I think the day to evening look is really hard to pull off! And, I was trying so hard not to start with a black cocktail dress or black skirt with a jacket and then just tell you to take the jacket off. I tried many different things, but in the end, I just had to use black as a base. Basically, for the day-time look, I paired the black satin pants with some comfortable wedges for work. The dress can be pulled up with a belt and then layered with a cropped cardigan. I think that would be a cute work look. For the evening, it would be easy to change out of the pants and take off the belt and cardigan and switch the wedges for sexier heels. (Then, shove all that work stuff into your tote). Add a bracelet and maybe a sparkly barrett and a cute clutch/coin purse. If it’s cold, you can also add black tights. You can wear the black satin trench with both looks. I have a black satin trench and find that it’s perfect with jeans or dresses. And, it’s especially great this time of year when the weather is changing and you never know how cold it will get. *Just a tip for evening: mac waterproof eyeliner in permaplum would be perfect. I hope this gives you some ideas!

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I love this dress and thought it would make a good interview look. Although, I suppose it depends on the type of job for which you are interviewing. Also, red might be too bright. Sometimes, you need to blend. Or, just be more conservative. But, I am not a fan of the suit. As a lawyer, I have a closet full of them–but, I can’t stand wearing one. And, on an interview you should be comfortable in your clothes. A smoothie is a good pre-interview meal.
The additional items I included are based on an email I received from my good friend, C, awhile back (I saved the email because I thought it was awesome). I had been to a few interviews and I think my friends were a little worried because I had not received any job offers. Obviously, I must be doing something wrong! So, C, sent this (ahem) helpful email regarding how I should present myself. Keep in mind, I have been out in public before! Oh, and I strongly disagreed with him on the eyeliner point. And, in blatent defiance of his email, I wore eyeliner and got the job. Ha. Also, can I just say that Lorac makes the best lip gloss ever!! It’s called a gloss stick and it’s absolutely wonderful. (Also, if you get sweaty palms, use that instant shampoo powder on your hands and it will dry up all the moisture). Okay, this will explain everything:

Email from C: “Just be confident and bookish. Wear black. No cleavage. Little makeup. And your hair conservatively fixed. Basically look like a nun and know what you are talking about. Also, nothing but a slightly perfumed body cream. No real perfume. Your hair should smell clean not fruity. Absolutely no eyeliner. I am saying lip gloss in pale pink, lightly applied mascara and loose powder to cover up the shine. WEAR glasses. Eyeliner makes women look like they are in a harem. I think the glasses are a nice touch. You want them to realize you are not going to be some candy ass distraction. Do you not have a simple cross, I can overnight you one. It’s not goth-y. Is your hair long enough to French twist? And please for god’s sake do not cross your legs at the interview. Always hook your foot however and sit on the edge of the sofa when they come to greet you. Be extremely cheerful with the receptionist and comment on how you love what she has done with the place. If she asks you if you want anything, SAY NO. Breath spray not pocket strips because they stain your tongue. And carry a briefcase instead of a purse.”

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