It’s been awhile…

I have become That Person that has a Baby and no longer has time for anything. sigh. But, in my mind, I am creating multiple blog posts and writing witty prose. In my mind I can do all of these things (and tile the bathroom!), but in real life I am super tired and somewhat crabby. blak. Oh, and since this is a fashion blog, I have little to say on the subject now as I gained a few more pounds than what is recommended. AND, get ready….I no longer fit into my shoes. Or my boots. My boots that I have been wearing for the past ten years. That go with everything. That cannot be replaced. Now, I know there are a lot of people out there that weigh a little more than they used to and still want to look fashionable, etc. But, whenever I look at fashion/clothes online, i get angry by the skinny bitches wearing said fashion/clothes. So, I haven’t looked at any fashion-y type item in awhile. But, I will. At somepoint. Of course, I’m sure no one is still reading/checking this site (i’ve been MIA for so long that wordpress’s format has changed). But, just in case anyone wants to take a gander at what has been keeping me so busy and tired and happy (yes, REALLY!). Here he is–the little miracle (and, much cuter than all the babies on the diapers/wipes/baby stuff packages, don’t you think?).



I saw this at Saveur and I really want to make it!

My day…

Molly sent this to me awhile back and I just realized it’s what I am feeling today. Beware.

22 weeks

So, this isn’t a pregnancy blog or anything…but, just i thought i would share with you how ginormous i am (already! 22 weeks! what will 39 weeks look like!). Anyway, I loved the picture that Molly posted on These Little Moments and tried to do one of my own. Of course, I have had to explain that the big white spot is my belly–it’s a photo of me looking down at my shoes. Ignore the bits of dirt/dog schmutz on the carpet.

okay, back to the land of appellate briefing. sigh.

Dior Show!

Thanks to C for sending me this link! I love it. Here are some of my favorites:



I haven’t posted anything in 10,000 years cause i have been too tired and crabby and not thinking too much about fashion. If any of you are still reading this, just thought i would let you know that i am just under 19 weeks pregnant (with a boy!). I hope to get back to my blog at some point. But, i am still waiting for the 2nd trimester energy spurt to kick in (is it an urban myth? because i am still going to bed at 7pm every night). Anyway, here is a funny email from C that made my day….thought you might enjoy it!

—– Original Message —–
From: C.
To: Tracy; Mellie; Lindsey
Sent: Thu Jun 10 12:38:31 2010
Subject: Patience

I am seriously having my patience tested. I created an aetna.com profile to access the history of claim payments. I was in a hurry and I accidentally selected Haitian Creole as my primary language. Well, “Judy”, the virtual Aetna claims assistant keep trying to communicate with me Haitian.